• Convert 8mm Tape and VCR Movies to CD, DVD, Digital Files Convert 8MM and VCR Tapes to DVD or Digital Files
    We can convert almost anything with video into any format.
  • Convert or transfer 8MM film and old movies to CD, DVD, Digital Files Transfer and Clean-Up Old Movies and Home Movies
    Our experts can transfer, clean up and create masters of your old home movies or TV Shows, and other movies.
  • Old Home Movies can be converted to dvd and preserved with a master tape Movies and Video Like New Again
    We convert your 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm film to digital media or DVD.
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    No other company can compete with our quality while still keeping the cost affordable and less than most others.
  • Enjoy your movies like new again on DVD Enjoy your movies on DVD
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Professional AND Affordable Film and Video Conversion and Transfers

HD Film to DVD Transfers San Fernando Valley

We are Film & Video Transfers, Inc., The Transfer Station -- and if you need any type of film, video, tape, vcr, converted or transferred to a DVD or other digital media, we are your top choice.

Here's why we really are an excellent choice: 1) 30+ years of professional and consumer level experience. 2) The very finest, most correct and powerful equipment that produces top notch quality the first time and on time. 3) Truly expert technical personnel that know how to deliver only the very finest results. And 4) We do it for less than most companies that we compete with.

We can convert and transfer any
type of video to DVD & Digital

Services We Offer:

Lowest price GUARANTEED
AND the best quality!

"If you can get a better transfer than ours for the same or less price, we'll give you your money back!"

That is how confident we are with our quality AND our price. We are a small company that has worked very hard for over 30 years to create the perfect video transfer system that delivers excellent work.

Even a more expensive transfer cannot compare to our quality!

That's the reason we have so many consumers, dealers and professionals that send their work to us.

Find out more about why we are your top choice for video and film conversions and transfers here.